Who are you?

I am a motivated and enthusiastic English language trainer operating in and around Köln, Hürth and Frechen.

In addition to my qualification and experience as an English language trainer for adults, I have a degree in computer science and a generally inquisitive mind.

I work with students, both in groups and individually, to help them improve their English and to have the confidence to use it.

Why should we choose you?

I recognise that every individual and every business is unique, with unique requirements.

The courses I offer are designed with exactly that in mind. Through a combination of modern textbooks and personally created learning materials, I can provide you with a course that suits the professional and personal interests of its participants.

Before you agree to anything, we will discuss what you want from the course, including specialist vocabulary, key communicative skills and any specific targets.

How much does it cost?

A unique course has a unique price. It is impossible to know what that price will be before speaking to you about your requirements.

For that reason I offer a free consultation session, during which we can discuss the details of your course, the length and frequency of lessons, and the number of participants.

At the same time we will agree upon a competitive price that gives you what you need.

I offer a free face to face consultation, and progressive or goal-focussed courses designed just for you.